My neighbour is dumping garbage on our side of the fence. Do I have to pay to get rid of it?

This is both annoying and disgusting. Our fence is on the property line. 



Port Alberni, BC

Your neighbour can’t dump rubbish on your property. If they do, they would have to pay for the cost of removal and any other damages they may have caused (like if you have to replant your grass, for example).

Here are some ways you could tackle this problem. First, you can talk to your neighbour. Yes, this is easier said than done, especially if you’re already upset about the dumping. But it may help to resolve the conflict quickly. And we have tips for the talk. You could also write your neighbour a letter — let them know your concerns, and give them a chance to stop their bad behaviour amicably. 

You could also call the non-emergency line for your municipality. They’ll take your information and possibly issue a fine to your neighbour.

If these steps fail to deter your neighbour's behaviour, you can bring a legal action to resolve the situation. The Civil Resolution Tribunal helps British Columbians resolve disputes of less than $5,000 online, 24/7. You’ll be in a better position to complain if you have proof of the dumping — you can consider installing cameras on your property trained on the problem area, to record your neighbour’s actions.

David Kandestin

David Kandestin

People's Law School
  • Reviewed in January 2021
  • This information applies to British Columbia, Canada

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