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Expanded Coverage of Neighbour Issues

November 30, 2020

“The couple in the neighbouring condo smoked cannabis every evening, saying it helped them de-stress. But the smell made me nauseous, and I worried about the effects of second-hand smoke. I talked with my neighbours, but it didn't change anything. I reached out to my strata council, and they sent my neighbours a letter reminding them of the building's no-smoking bylaw (and related fine). That made an impression. Now they go out for a walk to smoke."

– Justyna, Whistler, BC

In our daily lives, problems sometimes come up involving a neighbour. Maybe you're affected by an overpowering smell coming from a neighbour’s home (yikes!). Maybe you used to be able to park in front of your home ... until your neighbour started to. Or maybe your neighbour’s overgrown yard (about to cross over to yours) is quite a mess. You might be frustrated — and curious what can you do in these situations.

We've got three new pages to help. Covering odoursparking, and untidy premises, they answer such questions as:

Whatever the issue, there are steps you can take to deal with the problem with your neighbour. We walk you through them — from talking to your neighbour and documenting your complaint to contacting local authorities or filing a legal claim. 

Our new pages round out our guidance on neighbour issues, where we also cover problems with trees, fences, and noise, and offer tips for talking with your neighbour and options for dealing with a problem.