My son wants to have my driver’s licence taken away. Can he do that?

He says he'll report me if I don’t go along with what he wants.



New Westminster, BC

A driver can lose their licence in certain circumstances, such as having a poor driving record or being medically unfit to drive. (See this page on rights to a driver’s licence.) But RoadSafetyBC will not cancel a licence based on an unsubstantiated, anonymous, or verbal report.

If a person has direct knowledge about a person’s medical fitness to drive, they can file a written report with RoadSafetyBC. The report must include:

  • the driver's full name,

  • other identifying information, and

  • details about the driver's medical fitness to drive.

RoadSafetyBC will review the report and then contact the driver. They may ask them for a vision test, a driving test, or a medical or other exam. Based on all of the evidence and considerations of public and road safety, RoadSafetyBC decides whether to restrict or cancel a driver's licence.

In the meantime, if you’re worried about losing your licence because your child is intimidating or threatening you, this may be elder abuse. You can contact the seniors abuse and information line (SAIL) at Seniors First BC for support and resources.

Sarah Leamon

Sarah Leamon

Sarah Leamon Law Group
  • Reviewed in January 2021
  • This information applies to British Columbia, Canada

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