The government is threatening to take my kids. What can I do?

Someone made a report about my family to the child protection authorities. I'm really scared.



Duncan, BC

If a child’s safety is at risk, the Ministry of Children and Family Development has to investigate. If a child protection worker from the ministry decides there’s a risk of harm and the child needs protection, the worker can remove the child from the home. They don’t need a court order to do so.

It's best to get help from a lawyer or legal advocate as soon as you know the ministry has concerns about the safety of your child. To see if you qualify for a legal aid lawyer, contact Legal Aid BC.

Good starting points for information include:

These are good places to find a legal advocate.

PovNet features a map tool to help find an advocate.
Clicklaw HelpMap
Clicklaw's HelpMap lists dozens of legal advocates in BC.

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