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June 27, 2017

At People's Law School, we are delighted to launch our new website. Released on June 27, 2017, the new site represents a major advance towards our vision of a province where people have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to resolve everyday legal matters.

The new site features practical guidance on legal issues that British Columbians experience in their daily lives. It seeks to engage people in learning and problem-solving, and empower them to take action. And it provides greater access to information people can be confident is authoritative and trustworthy.

Practical guidance on everyday legal problems

The new site features content on topics that have been identified as gap areas in legal information available to British Columbians—starting with consumer problems and (coming in the months after launch) money and debt issues and accidents and injuries. The site offer step-by-step guidance and tools such as template letters aimed at helping people take action on the legal issues that come up in their daily lives.

Try out the "document builder" to create a draft letter to dispute a phone bill

Engaging and understandable

The site features interactive elements and user stories that make the content easier to relate to and easier to understand. This user story helps explain what to watch out for when buying a used car:

"The Mini Cooper was nice, but I wanted to sleep on it. It was my first car, and I wanted to be sure it was the right one. But the salesperson insisted that the discounted price would expire at midnight. So I signed the agreement. Later, I learned that the dealer was advertising the same discounted price on its website. The salesperson had pressured me into buying the Mini using an 'unfair practice', telling me that I was getting a special price when the offer was in fact the same thing that I could get anytime. Thankfully, I learned that I was entitled to return the Mini and get out of the agreement.”

– Gabriela, Vancouver

Authoritative and trustworthy

Legal professionals have reviewed the content on the site for legal accuracy. As well, we are delighted to launch a new feature, Q&A, where visitors can browse answers from volunteer legal professionals to questions posed by others, or ask their own question. 

We invite you to try it out: Ask Your Question.

We'd love your feedback

After trying out the new People's Law School website, please take a moment to give us feedback on the new site. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Coming in the months after launch will be additional content in areas such as money, accidents and injuries, work, and neighbours. Also coming in the fall 2017 will be an "embed builder", which will enable other organizations to embed content from the People's Law School website on their own website. 

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