Dealing with a Problem Executor

  • When: Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 8:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Where: Online, via webinar

If you have an interest in an estate in British Columbia but are not the one handling things, you may have questions. How much disclosure are you entitled to? How long can the process drag on for? What if the executor isn’t competent or, worse yet, dishonest? Being an executor is a demanding role. But if you’re depending on an executor to deal with an estate, you may find yourself frustrated and not knowing where to go for help. If you can relate, join us for a free webinar with lawyers Amy Mortimore and Zachary Rogers, who will answer common questions about dealing with a problem executor, including questions you bring to the webinar.


Amy Mortimore

Amy Mortimore is a lawyer at Clark Wilson LLP in Vancouver. She is the co-chair of her firm’s estate and trust practice group. Her practice includes all types of estate and trust litigation, including wills variation claims, incapacity and undue influence claims, applications to approve a document as a will even where it was not properly witnessed, and applications for rectification. Amy is very committed to legal education and regularly presents to lawyers and other professionals on estate and trust topics.

Zachary Rogers

Zachary Rogers is a lawyer at Clark Wilson LLP in Vancouver. He maintains both a litigation practice and a solicitor’s practice, exclusively in the areas of wills, trusts & estates, and elder law. Zachary recognizes that his clients want practical, cost-effective advice and solutions tailored to their unique needs, and he is committed to finding creative and appropriate solutions to resolve legal disputes.

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