Buying or selling a home? It’s a big deal!

December 13, 2019

“House hunting was a crazy, sometimes deflating experience. We felt priced out of the market. So when we found a decent home that we could actually afford, we put in an offer to buy it. But we thought the offer was like an ‘expression of interest.’ The seller accepted our offer, and suddenly we were locked in! Soon, we were wondering if we were settling for something less than what we really want.”

– Jameela, Vancouver

Buying or selling a home? It’s an exciting life event. But with strict deadlines, stacks of paperwork, and countless decisions to be made — it can be an overwhelming experience! You can reduce stress by learning about the process. That’s where we come in!

We’ve introduced a new section on our website on buying or selling a home. Our new pages walk you through the process, from making or accepting an offer to closing the deal. The newly published pages include step-by-step guides to buying a homebuying a condo or other strata housing, and selling your home. These pages feature practical guidance, explainer videos, legal tips, and user stories.

We also explain the common legal documents involved — in language you can understand. Our new pages include:

Finally, we’ve introduced an exciting online tool: our home buyer’s checklist. This checklist is designed to be picked up and used before you sign an offer to purchase a home. It walks you through — clearly and simply — the legal document you are signing. And it only takes five minutes!

Thanks to Lisa Frey for reviewing this content for accuracy. 

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