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New to the Website: Pets and the Law

November 9, 2020

“I just moved from Calgary to Abbotsford with my two dogs. I figured it’s the same rules across the country — get them some dog tags, and make sure they’re on a leash outside sort-of-thing. I hadn’t realized that there could be specific rules depending on what municipality I lived in."

– Brock, Abbotsford

We now cover pets! We have new pages on pets at home, pets out in public, and dog attacks. Here are examples of everyday legal problems these pages deal with:

  • My neighbour complains my pet is noisy and disturbing them. How noisy is too noisy?
  • Does a big, open park or field give someone the right to go off leash with their dog?
  • What if my dog bites someone?

Over half of Canadian households own pets, and reliable information is scarce on the legal issues that can come with pet ownership. These new pages on pets and the law complement our coverage of neighbours and the law, one of the most visited areas of the website.