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New to the Website: Information for Foreign Workers

March 26, 2019

John Carlo from Surrey“I’m originally from the Philippines. Two years ago I moved to BC because my relatives live here. My English wasn’t great, and I didn’t have any Canadian work experience. After arriving, I contacted a settlement service. They helped me register in language classes, take a training course, and even look for jobs. I’ve been working as a mover for eight months now, and I feel very fortunate.”
– John Carlo, Surrey

In British Columbia, stories like John Carlo's aren't uncommon. Every year, workers come from all over the world to help keep BC's economy moving forward. And while BC employers rely heavily on foreign workers, it can be difficult for newcomers to navigate the employment landscape in the province. 

To help address this problem, we've published two new pages with information for foreign workers:

Thanks to Fuerza Migrante and Vancouver lawyers Meera Thakrar and Marina Sedai for reviewing this content for accuracy.