A neighbourly start to our 2021 webinars

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January 18, 2021

Our pages on neighbours and the law are very popular, routinely being the most viewed content on our website. We’ve also answered tons of questions on neighbours topics, and recently expanded our content to include pets and parking. And now, we're doing a webinar to go deeper on things like:

  • Who pays to fix the fence?

  • Can I do anything about my upstairs neighbour watching TV all night?

  • What about my neighbour’s giant tree creeping into my yard?

Join us on Tuesday, January 26 at noon PT for Dealing with Neighbour Disputes: What are Your Rights? Litigation lawyer Dave Turner of Edwards, Kenny and Bray LLP answers your questions, with insights on who's responsible for what and steps to take to resolve problems. We hope to see you there!

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