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Now Updated: Preparing Your Will

March 7, 2019

Just in time for Make a Will Week in British Columbia (April Preparing Your Will7 to 13), we’ve updated one of our most popular publications, Preparing Your Will. This booklet explains how to prepare a will, what to consider when appointing an executor, and next steps after the will is finished.

This update to Preparing Your Will features:

  • Updated content. The booklet is now current to January 2019.

  • More practical guidance. More tips, more user stories, and more step-by-step guidance to help you understand your options and take action in preparing your will.
  • Our fresh new look. This update features our new look for People’s Law School booklets, with a more readable font and layout.

We've also renamed the booklet — Preparing replaces Writing. We asked users what word would most likely encourage them to tackle the task of preparing a will. Because we want you — the public — to feel empowered to take action on your everyday legal problems.

The updated booklet is available now on Clicklaw Wikibooks and as a PDF download. If you wish to order multiple copies of the print booklet, you can do so from Crown Publications.

Many thanks to our legal reviewer Stephen Hsia for reviewing this update for legal accuracy.

Stay tuned for updates coming later in March on three other popular booklets, Being an Executor, Power of Attorney, and Working in BC.