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How to Prepare a Will (During a Pandemic)

April 30, 2020

Writing a will has moved from my should-do list to a top priority. I’m providing childcare for kids of essential workers. When you’re caring for little ones — you hold them, you feed them — it’s impossible to practise physical distancing. I’m proud to do my part. But I know going to work right now is a risk to my health and my family’s.”

– Piper, Lynn Valley

The coronavirus pandemic has many of us thinking about our own health and future, and those of our loved ones. Preparing (or updating) your will right now just makes sense. Current health orders to stay home and physically distance are making it hard to do so — but it’s not impossible!

Our new page on preparing or updating a will during coronavirus describes some creative solutions for signing a will or codicil, while staying safe. For example, you could sign outside on a garden table, at a 2-metre distance from your witnesses. Or behind glass, from the safety of your car or home. 

We also walk you through some important things to consider at this time. Like what to include in your will if you have young children. Or how to make things easier for your executor if you’re worried about your immediate health.

Remember, the most important thing is to stay healthy. It’s still possible for many people to make a will in the present circumstances. It may just take some creativity!

Laws are changing fast to respond to the crisis. We intend to update this information to keep pace with developments.