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As an on-call worker who doesn't qualify for EI, what supports can I get?
I am a casual on-call worker in an office setting where workers are in close proximity, and the work can’t be done from home. I had lung surgery 10 years ago. When the pandemic hit, I declined work, not wanting to be at risk. I’m not eligible for EI.

As an on-call worker in a high-risk workplace, what are my rights during the pandemic? - Answer

There’s a new government program called the Canada emergency response benefit. It pays $500 per week if you had to stop working because of coronavirus. The payments can be backdated to March 15th. We walk you through eligibility and the application process here.

The province has also stepped in with financial support for workers. If you receive the CERB benefit, you’re eligible for the provincial emergency benefit as well. It pays a $1,000 lump sum, tax-free.

Check out our 3-minute summary of available benefits during the pandemic.

David Kandestin
People's Law School
Reviewed April 2020

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