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What the New Societies Act Means - Bylaw review

Your society’s bylaws should be reviewed

Your bylaws may be inconsistent with the new Act

When the new Societies Act came into force on November 28, 2016, any provision in a non-profit society’s bylaws that is inconsistent with the new Act ceased to have effect. The matter is governed by the new Act.

Most organizations have at least some bylaws that are inconsistent with the new Act.

An opportunity for a bylaw refresh

As well, the new Societies Act presents opportunities for societies to adopt bylaw changes in areas where the new law offers increased flexibility.

Our page on reviewing your non-profit society’s bylaws discusses options in conducting a bylaw review and key clauses to consider in the review.

One option available to societies in transitioning under the new Societies Act is to adopt a new set of bylaws entirely. The new set could be the model bylaws found in Schedule 1 of the Societies Regulation, with or without amendments. These model bylaws contain basic clauses that align with the new Act. See our guidance on reviewing your non-profit society’s bylaws for more on the model bylaws.