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Stop Unwanted Calls - Common questions

Common questions

Does a US telemarketer have to follow the Canadian telemarketer rules?

Yes. Telemarketers from the US and other countries who make calls to Canadians must still follow the CRTC’s telemarketing rules.

If a Canadian organization hires a telemarketing agency outside of Canada, and there's a complaint against the organization, it will be investigated by the CRTC.

Whenever you receive a telemarketing call, you can ask the caller to add your phone number to their internal do not call list.

Are calls from a debt collector considered telemarketing calls?

No. Debt collection calls are not considered telemarketing calls. Debt collectors do not have to keep internal do not call lists.

Can I put my business number on the National Do Not Call List?

The public is the primary focus of the National Do Not Call List, but you can also register a business telephone number to the List. However, complaints for calls made to a business number are not accepted, as business-to-business calls are exempt from the List.