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Signing a Contract - Understand your legal rights

Understand your legal rights

For all but a few types of contracts, you can sign with an electronic signature

Under British Columbia law, you have to sign a few types of contracts with a handwritten signature for them to be considered enforceable. These are:

For any other contract, signing with an electronic signature has the same legal effect as signing with a handwritten signature. 

An electronic signature is information in electronic form that a person creates or adopts to sign something. It can take the form of typing your name into a contract or inserting an electronic image of your handwritten signature.

Some contracts must be witnessed

Under BC law, some types of contracts must be witnessed, such as a transfer of land. This type of contract has specific requirements for who can serve as a witness. The witness must be an “officer” as defined under the law, which includes a lawyer, notary public, judge, and some other professional categories. 

The witness must be present when the party whose signature is to be witnessed is signing the contract.  

The parties don’t have to sign together

You and the other party to a contract don’t have to be together to sign the contract.