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Problem with a Used Car - Common questions

Common questions

What if I think the seller rolled back the odometer?

If an odometer is altered, disconnected or replaced in order to mislead a buyer about the vehicle’s mileage, this is called odometer fraud. It is a criminal offence. It can also ground a claim that the seller misrepresented the vehicle.  

Note that it is legal to replace a damaged odometer. However, the odometer reading needs to be recorded before it is replaced or repaired.  

What if I bought from a seller who I think might be a “curber”?

A significant percentage of ads that look like they are placed by private sellers are actually placed by curbers. A curber is someone who sells vehicles to try to earn income but has not been licensed as a car dealer. Anyone selling five or more vehicles per year is usually automatically deemed to be a car dealer under BC law. Someone selling fewer than five vehicles per year may still require a licence if they are selling vehicles for income. 

These tips on spotting a curber can help you figure out if you bought from a curber.

If you did buy a used vehicle from a curber and have a problem, often your only option is to take legal action. However, there is a way you can help future buyers. You can report the curber to the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC using their report a curber form. You may make the report anonymously.

What if I have a manufacturer’s warranty?

When you bought the used vehicle, if the vehicle was still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to claim under that warranty to get any problems fixed. Any manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t affect your rights under the legal warranty.