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Problem with a New Cellphone - Common questions

Common questions

Do the protections in the Wireless Code apply to the phone I have under my work phone plan?

The Wireless Code and its protections apply to some but not all work phone plans. 

If the work plan is with a small business, the Code applies. To qualify as a small business, the monthly bill for all telecommunications services for the business must be less than $2,500 per month. 

As well, the Code applies to work plans—regardless of the size of the business—where the employee is responsible for some or all of the charges related to the account. For example, the Code applies to a work plan where the employer pays the basic monthly payments but the employee is responsible for data overage or roaming charges.

If the employee is not responsible for any of the charges incurred under the work plan (and the work plan is not with a small business), the Wireless Code does not apply. 

I want to have my phone unlocked but my provider won’t unlock it

You have a legal right to have your phone unlocked at no charge upon request. If your provider refuses to unlock your phone, you can file a complaint with the CCTS. You must provide the CCTS with the steps you've taken to resolve the complaint directly with your service provider, including your provider's response.