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Planning for the End of Life - Common questions

Common questions

My doctor has completed a MOST form. What is it?

A MOST — Medical Order for Scope of Treatment — form is a document used in hospitals, residential care, and community care settings. It should be used to start a conversation with your doctor about your values and wishes for care. You may encounter a MOST when you’re chronically ill or near end-of-life, and major health care decisions are looming. 

Legally, MOST forms do not substitute for consent. Even if you have a MOST, you must give your consent to medical treatment directly.  (There are some exceptions in emergency situations.) If you’re incapable of giving consent, health care providers need to get consent from your substitute decision-maker or your latest advance directive. Otherwise, they can’t treat you. What’s written in a MOST form should never override this consent process. 

To learn more, see our page on understanding MOST forms.