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Negotiating with a Cellphone Provider - Questions to ask

Questions to ask

About the phone

Questions to ask the salesperson about the phone handset.

  1. If a phone handset is provided, what is the price for the phone?
  2. Can I upgrade my phone, and how would that affect my plan?

About any extended warranty

Questions to ask the salesperson if they offer to sell you an extended warranty for the phone.

  1. How long is the extended warranty good for?
  2. What will you do if the phone has a problem? Will you repair it, replace it, or return my money?
  3. Where do I have to take the phone for repairs?   
  4. What is covered under the extended warranty? Does the extended warranty cover parts and service, or just parts?

About the phone plan

Questions to ask the salesperson about the cellphone plan.

  1. What is the minimum actual amount that I will have to pay each month (including any add-on fees and taxes)?
  2. How many texts, local calling minutes, and MBs (megabytes) or GBs (gigabytes) of data are included?
  3. Are national or international calls included?
  4. Do you have coverage where I live, work and travel?

If you are considering an "unlimited" plan, ask if there any limits spelled out anywhere. For example, some providers have a "Fair Use Policy" that once you reach a certain threshold of data use each month will result in slower connection speeds or additional charges.

About your use of the phone

Questions to ask the salesperson about your use of the phone.

  1. If I exceed my limits, particularly for data, what extra charges apply?
  2. Can I decide to go onto a higher or lower plan if I want to, without penalty?
  3. How much will I have to pay to make calls or use the internet if I visit another country?
  4. Exactly how much will I have to pay to cancel the contract or commitment?