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Hours of Work and Working Overtime - Common questions

Common questions

Is my employer legally required to give me coffee breaks?

No. But if you are given coffee breaks, you must be paid for that time. Your employer can decide the length of the break. 

Does my employer have to pay me overtime if I work on the weekend?

Not necessarily. You’re entitled to overtime only if you work more than the daily or weekly limit — or if you work more than the approved hours in an averaging agreement. See the “Understand your legal rights” section above. 

Is time spent getting to and from a worksite considered to be work?

Normally, no. The trip from home to work is considered to be a commute. In other words, no work is done regardless of who supplies the vehicle. 

The trip becomes work if you’re providing a service to your employer. For example, if you’re bringing tools or equipment that your employer provided to the worksite. The trip may also be work if you’re picking up other workers and bringing them to the worksite.