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Hiring Someone Who Comes to Your Door - Deal with the problem

Deal with the problem

Step 1. Notify the service provider you want to cancel the contract

If you decide to cancel a direct sales contract, notify the service provider in writing. You can use a notice of cancellation form provided by Consumer Protection BC:

If you are cancelling the contract because the goods or services were not delivered on time, you can use our letter template.

Send the notice by email, fax or registered mail so that you have a record of when you sent it.

Keep a copy of the notice of cancellation and proof of delivery (for example, a registered mail receipt).

Step 2. Wait 15 days

You are entitled to a refund within 15 days after you give notice that you are cancelling the contract. 

Step 3. Make a complaint to Consumer Protection BC

If you don’t receive a refund within 15 days, you can contact Consumer Protection BC to make a complaint.