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Filling Out Your Probate Forms - Submission for estate grant (form P2)

Submission for estate grant (form P2)

Why do I need to complete this form?

This form provides details of your application to the probate registry. 

The deceased went by more than one name over their lifetime. Do I need to include these?

You should put the legal name of the deceased on the form. As well, include any other names they may have used to hold an interest in property. 

You’ll need to apply for a search of a wills notice. The search results will show whether the deceased ever registered any wills with Vital Statistics. You’ll need to submit two copies of the search results and any wills notices to the probate registry. 

Search for wills notices under all names of the deceased:

  • indicated on your form P2
  • used in the will or other testamentary documents, and
  • used to hold real property

The probate registry will expect this. Failing to do this is one of the top reasons why probate applications are rejected.

What if the deceased misspelled an executor or beneficiary’s name in their will?

Perhaps a person named in the will has since gotten married or divorced, and changed their name. Or perhaps the deceased just didn’t know how to spell a name! A misspelled name in the will doesn’t mean that person can’t receive a gift under the will.

Make sure the names used in the application reflect the names used in the will. Failing to do this could mean that your project form is rejected.

For example, if you’re indicating the name of a beneficiary in form P2, you should write:

Conor Lapierre, named in the will as Connor Lappier  

I can’t find an original copy of the will. Can I file a copy instead?

If you can’t find the originally signed version of the will, then you can submit a copy of the will. 

You’ll need to indicate on form P2 why the original will isn’t available. The probate registry may ask you to provide sworn evidence to prove that it’s a true copy of the original will. 

I’m applying for a grant with another person. Do we each fill out a separate form P2?

You should only submit one form P2, even when there is more than one applicant.

What if the deceased doesn’t currently have a spouse?

If the deceased has no current spouse, you should indicate on the schedule to form P2: “no surviving spouse, as per section 2 of WESA”.

You should say if the deceased had a former spouse and/or deceased spouse. This will help avoid confusion.

For example, you can write:

Sarah Sample (current spouse)

Elaine Example (former spouse)