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Filing a Transition Application under the New Societies Act - Common questions

Common questions

Is there a fee to transition?

There is no fee to file the transition application. If your society has annual reports outstanding, or out-of-date information on file with the Corporate Registry about the society's directors or registered office, there are fees to bring that information up to date.

When can the transition application be filed?

The Societies Online system went live with the coming into force of the new Societies Act on November 28, 2016. Societies have a two-year window, until November 28, 2018, to file their transition application.

Do you need CRA approval?

No. Societies that are registered charities will have to notify the Canada Revenue Agency about changes to the society's constitution and bylaws and provide the CRA with a copy of the amended documents. But as long as your society's charitable purposes are not altered, there is no need for CRA approval to complete the transition process under the new Societies Act.