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Cancelling a Phone Contract - Common questions

Common questions

When I cancel my contract, can I keep my phone number?

Yes. You can transfer your number to a new service provider at any time. (You will need to pay any early cancellation fees.) Do not cancel your current service; only active telephone numbers are eligible to be transferred to a new service provider. Contact the service provider you want to switch to first. The new service provider will contact your old service provider to transfer your phone number.

For my pre-paid phone, does my provider need to notify me of changes to the plan?

No. If you use a prepaid service such as a prepaid phone card or pay-as-you-go service, the service provider does not have to notify you of changes to the phone plan. 

Be aware that some prepaid plans look and work a lot like postpaid plans. For example, in some "pay-in-advance" plans, a customer can deplete their prepaid balance and continue to use the service. The provider then includes overage charges on the customer's next bill. Plans like this are treated as postpaid service contracts under the Wireless Code. In that case, the provider does need to notify you of changes to the phone plan.