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Our Vision

Our vision

At People's Law School, our vision is a province where people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to resolve everyday legal matters. 

What does this look like? It means that British Columbians have access to legal information and education that:

  • is in language they can understand
  • helps them develop skills and attitudes to seek solutions
  • empowers them to take action

Helping people deal with the legal problems of daily life 

At People's Law School we help people deal with the legal issues that are part of everyday living. Like buying a cellphone. Or making your will. Or getting hired for a job.

When we offered our first law classes in 1972, we became the first organization in Canada dedicated exclusively to educating the public about the law. 

Closing in on 50 years later, the role of educating people about the law has become even more vital. The law is more complex. Legal services are more expensive. Legal problems are prevalent in the daily lives of Canadians. People need information and tools to help them deal with the legal problems of daily life. 

Strategic priorities

Over the last two years we have worked to transform our organization to meet the needs of British Columbians, now and in the future. Our direction is clear, and we are committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of our work.

Our strategic priorities are to: 

  • To respond to the public’s ongoing needs for law-related information by providing a mix of resources designed to meet these needs over time.
  • To innovate, generating resources and ways to distribute them that reflect the public’s needs and preferences and a rapidly changing digital information environment.
  • To increase awareness of  People’s Law School’s work, resources and value to the public and to justice stakeholders.
  • To strengthen our infrastructure and organizational capacity.